Qualicoat and poedercoating

In this article I’ll give you all the information that you need to decide that poedercoating is the right decision and that painting with normal paint is so 2010. If you have any questions regarding this topic you always can contact me. I hope I can inform you enough to make the right decision. Enjoy reading and I hope to see your reaction regarding this article.

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So I was searching for a few of my buildings that I sell to people that go to school. I didn’t wanted to use normal paint so I was searching on the internet and it was hard to find. So after searching a few hours I found on the keywords Qualicoat and on the keyword poedercoating a company named Schoen B.V. So I found the website already 2 times so I thought this need to be a good company.


So after I had contact with the company I really knew that this is the right solution. The first reason is that they operate on international base. Since the company is based in the Netherlands and I living in Germany its really important but that was no problem. After that they use modular methods and I have to say the results are amazing.


So they came to my buildings and did there work and as I said the results were amazing. The results are really nice and the service of the company was also very good. The main reason that they always informed us what they did and how to keep the status of the paint so good as possible.


So I hope I informed you enough and If you have any questions regarding this subject then you always can contact me or the company above. We will be happy to give you the information that is needed to make the right decision.



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